Your relationship with God is the most important part of you.  As you begin to BELIEVE, you discover this isn’t just about agreeing to a set of facts, but instead turning your whole life over to God.
When you BELIEVE, your life will be filled with

worship, prayer, giving, Bible reading,  and orthodox doctrine.

You were made for community, you were made to BELONG.  As you continue on Your Faith Journey, it is vitally important for you to begin to walk alongside others who are on the same journey.
A life where you BELONG is marked by faithful engagement in the Church (The Body of Christ – 1 Corinthians 12), accountability relationships with others who BELIEVE, and understanding your place in the Body of Christ (gifts, passions).
If we’re not careful, our Faith Journey can become all about self and what is best for us.  That’s why Jesus commands us to REACH into the lives of others and make a difference.  Both inside and outside the church, Your Faith Journey should lead you to REACH out and preach, proclaim, serve and give.
A disciple who has begun to REACH will practice faithful engagement in ministry, regular witnessing, missional living inside and outside the Church (making lifestyle choices that Glorify God and draw others to Him),  and being “fishers of people” (Mark 1:17)
One changed life is amazing, but Jesus has insisted that everyone who follows Him doesn’t just change their own life, but also that they “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19).”  Every follower of Jesus on this Faith Journey should seek to MULTIPLY themselves through leading others into a life of following Jesus.
A disciple who understands the command to MULTIPLY will show someone else how to live the Faith Journey and walk with them through it.